Alethea Austin - Pure Splits DVD

Alethea Austin - Pure Splits DVD
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PURE SPLITS   “Pure Splits”is exactly that, Pure Splits sounds like. Every... mehr
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“Pure Splits”is exactly that, Pure Splits sounds like. Every Pole Dancer wants flat splits not only on the ground but up in the air. This DVD is a training program developed byAlethea Austinfocusing on lengthening and strengthening leg and hip muscles. I have found that there is a misconception that you just have to sit in your splits until you get them. Pure Splits will give you many different active and static stretches to get you to your goal of a pure flat split in the air.

DVD Includes:
- Full Body Warmups
- Stretching for Straddles Open V
- Deep Stretching for Front Splits and Middle Split
- Showing Beginner Through Over Split Advanced Option
- Using Pole to help Stretch a Range of Splits
- Free Dance incorporating Stretching into Everyday Pole Dance
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